Current Students

All of our scholarship recipients are first generation college students who come from parents and families that are mostly semi-literate.

Jaquisson Fonseca


Jaquisson is the first person in his family to go to college, and graduated from law school in December 2015! Jaquisson started out working with his father as an electrician's assistant, but when he had the opportunity to participate in a Citizen Rights Workshop it changed his life. This experience led to an opportunity for him to work in a lawyer's office as a paralegal and a desire to go to graduate school himself.  He is working as a partner at a law firm and continues to use his knowledge of the law to help educate his community about their rights as citizens. 

Joseval Junior


Junior graduated with a degree in Social Services from FIB University and currently works at FUNDAC: the Foundation for Children and Adolescents.  In 2006 he won a scholarship to participate in a World Learning Exchange program that took him to South Africa for a month. He also completed a 2-year program technical training program in Technology and Commercial Management at Jorge Amado University before beginning his university studies. 

Eusilene Cassimiro


Eusilene completed her degree in Social Services at FIB University in August 2013.  She has an artistic and entrepreneurial spirit and also runs her own small business called Moça Preta making hand printed T-shirts to sell. Eusilene participated in the 2006 Literacy through Photography program and also worked as a Youth Leader at Bagunçaço.  

Ubiratan Assis


Ubiratan graduated with a degree in Music Education from FACESA University. He founded his own organization called the Casarão da Arte-Educação which offers music, dance, and tutoring classes to youth. Ubiratan also teaches music to disabled youth at APAE in Salvador. His students have performed at the Paralympics in England as well as garnered recognition throughout Brazil. Ubiratan dreams of continuing to empower youth through music on a big scale. 

Joice Cleide


Joice graduated with a degree in Social Services from FIB University in March 2013.  She is a new mom, and one of our star students - we have no doubt she is going to go far in life and that her studies don't end here. Prior to being selected as a TAP scholarship recipient, she had already passed the vestibular (college entrance exam) 3 times of her own accord, but had never been able to actually enroll in a university because of the financial barrier. Joice plans on doing socio-cultural development work with the community.