Ingrid de Leon: "Inspired by TAP students"

My visit to Salvador da Bahia this past July 2010 provided me with first-hand experience on the success the Alagados Project is thus far.  The energy of everyone involved is simply- energizing and invigorating. As a Higher Education professional for the past three years at LaGuardia Community College-CUNY, a public two-year degree conferring institution in New York City, I have learned through my interactions with students and my statistical projects in graduate school that motivation, is a key and determining factor in student success.

Joice and Ubiratan, the first two Alagados Project scholarship recipients, impressed me as the most motivated and dedicated students I have come across in all of my years as an Academic Advisor.  Their drive and determination is contagious, however, these two factors alone will not guarantee their success. The Alagados Project Scholarship fund plays that pivotal role in supporting its scholarship recipients to overcome any potential academic and socio-economic obstacles, as they progress towards the completion of their chosen degrees.

 In my experience, the vibrancy of this project is because it is managed by people who care and have the competency to see the project and its beneficiaries succeed.  After spending quality time with project coordinator Patricia Teles, and current and aspiring scholarship recipients through lunch and casual conversations, it is clear that there is a need for expansion and a definite commitment to see the new plans and ideas take place successfully. Students dream about going to college, but how empowering that this project can make this dream and goal come true.