Bagun 'Imagem Photo Students

Neila, Luciano, Rosi, Taniel (July '09) Neila, Luciano, Rosi, Taniel (July '09)
Neila, Rosi, Taniel, Denise (July '09) Neila, Rosi, Taniel, Denise (July '09)
Neila, Sylvia, Vanessa (July '09) Neila, Sylvia, Vanessa (July '09)

Vanessa, Neila, and Denise are in their last year of high school and studying hard with many hopes for the future. All three of them have their sights set on a university education. Vanessa dreams of going to medical school and becoming a pediatrician, Neila is interested in pursuing a degree in either nursing or in journalism. Denise is already preparing to take the difficult college entrance exam (vestibular).

Taniel is now one of the Alagados Project's Scholarship Fund recipients and is in his first year working towards a degree in Computer Science/Information Systems.

Eusilene is also now a university student, studying Social Services and struggling to make ends meet and pay her bills. She is not currently on a TAP scholarship, but is on the list of potential future recipients.

Rosi is the youngest in the group. She has two more years of high school to go and is doing well. Luciano is now working as a youth mentor at Bagunçaço. Jacob has moved to another community to live with his father.