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I've entered a short video of Joice, one of our scholarship students, in the ViewChange Online Film Contest, which is awarding $50,000 in cash prizes to videos that best tell the stories of progress in developing countries. Please help us further the Alagados Project's work with this prize by voting for us. You can vote once a day every day between Sept 4-15. Your votes will make the difference and we need your help to keep empowering young people like Joice.

Congratulations to our 2010 scholarship recipients!!

Neila & Eusilene at FIB University Neila & Eusilene at FIB University
Joseval Joseval

COGRATULATIONS to Neila Machado and Joseval Espirito Santo our new 2010 scholarship recipients!

Neila is starting law school and Joseval will be studying social services, both at FIB University. We are very proud to be supporting these two impressive young people and are confident that they are going to become powerful community leaders.  Stay tuned for their profiles coming soon to the website.

Ingrid de Leon: "Inspired by TAP students"

My visit to Salvador da Bahia this past July 2010 provided me with first-hand experience on the success the Alagados Project is thus far.  The energy of everyone involved is simply- energizing and invigorating. As a Higher Education professional for the past three years at LaGuardia Community College-CUNY, a public two-year degree conferring institution in New York City, I have learned through my interactions with students and my statistical projects in graduate school that motivation, is a key and determining factor in student success.

Local ownership = a success!

Alagados Project Team w/ Ingrid de Leon Alagados Project Team w/ Ingrid de Leon

Sylvia’s trip to Brazil was a success!  It was very exciting to see that the TAP Brazilian team and local community have really taken local ownership of the Project.  They are proposing new ideas about what they need, and we are looking forward to seeing the project grow with their ideas in the lead. 

Headed to Brazil

Sylvia will be joining the Alagados Project team in Salvador for 3 weeks at the end of June.  We will be selecting two new scholarship students and looking at expanding our programs to include a college prep component that will help to start inserting more young people in the public university system. Stay posted for a short video of our current students coming at the end of July!

Also, we are looking for the following:

- A small, high quality HD video camera and a small high quality photo camera

Reflecting on the similarities between Haiti and Alagados

The parallels between Haiti and communities like Alagados are many. They are communities made up of the descendants of slaves who were brought to these places against their will and without a cent to their name.  They suffer from a prevalence of poverty and a lack of infrastructure and opportunity.

Its Official

501c3 status has been officially approved for the Alagados Project!

All donations made to TAP are now 100% tax deductible.

Coming soon...

The Alagados Project will be offering several new scholarships in 2010.  Keep an eye out for our new recipients as well as upcoming screening events.

Alagados Project Events- July 2009

Alagados Project meeting July 2009 Alagados Project meeting July 2009
Project Manager, Patricia Teles, and TAP Scholarship Recipients- Ubiratan Assis, Joice Cleide, Taniel Souza July 2009 Project Manager, Patricia Teles, and TAP Scholarship Recipients- Ubiratan Assis, Joice Cleide, Taniel Souza July 2009

In early August 2009, we met in Salvador to celebrate the Alagados Project's recent transition to a nonprofit organization!  A meeting with our team of advisors- a lawyer, a community activist, and our Project Manager- helped our scholarship students to begin to develop their return investment community service projects and we look forward to seeing these projects put into action.  All of the current scholarship recipients are thriving and very excited by the opportunity to get an education.

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