What if educating a few exceptional young people helped to change an entire community? Find out how you can make a difference.

About Us

The Alagados Project is committed to alleviating the effects of poverty, lack of education, and social immobility for residents of the Alagados District and other impoverished areas in and around Salvador, Brazil. The Alagados District is marked by poverty and ecological and social deterioration, as well as a lack of opportunities for improvement, particularly among young adults. To this end, TAP provides financial assistance and other opportunities for motivated and qualified young adults to obtain the education and other learning experiences they need to overcome the effects of their environment.

What We Do

Even in wealthy countries like the US, no single socioeconomic marker distinguishes an individual in society more than a university education. This division is even more dramatic in a country like Brazil where wealth distribution is among the most unequal in the world and poverty affects over 50 percent of the population.

The Alagados Project provides educational opportunities to disadvantaged youth in the city of Salvador, Brazil. Specifically, TAP provides full ride tuition and a modest stipend that covers educational materials and transportation costs for a handful of students (ideally 1-3 per year) to attend one of three accredited university in the Salvador area. There is a specific focus on maintaining an equal gender ratio in the scholarships that are given, and increasing access to educational opportunities particularly for young women.

TAP requires a rigorous selection process for the students to be admitted into its program. Prospective TAP Scholarship Recipients are chosen on the recommendation of a team of NGO leaders, educators, lawyers, community activists, and youth advisors working on the ground in resource-poor areas of Salvador.

The Alagados Project Scholarship Program awards scholarships to young people from extremely challenging circumstances who have shown a strong desire to pursue higher education, a high level of leadership potential, and a significant commitment to community service.

Recipients are selected according to the following criteria:

  1. Demonstrated drive and desire to pursue a degree in higher education evidenced by their ability to pass the college entrance exam (vestibular).
  2. Exceptional leadership aptitude and a demonstrated interest in giving back to their community and spreading their knowledge.
  3. Inadequate financial resources and/or access to the highest quality of education available in their country.

The Alagados advisory board evaluates each potential applicant for the above criteria.

Return Investment

In addition to meeting their academic requirements, as part of the Scholarship Program, recipients participate in the development of a community service project for the community as a way of ensuring a return investment on their education and empowering them to become multipliers of change within their own communities.  Our current group of students are shifting what is possible in the Alagados community and showing that a college education is within reach.